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Our Loan Costs

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We think this is one of the most important pieces of information we can give you so we've broken down the different fees below so you can see exactly what you pay. Of course, our loan calculator slider below will give you a good indication.

Also, before you sign your loan contract, you'll have the exact payments split down based on your pay frequency so you can check once more that you're comfortable with the repayments.

There are 4 different fee types which apply to every loan:

Establishment Fee

We charge a fixed Establishment Fee of $45 on every loan. This is regardless of how much you borrow. This reflects our costs in putting your loan together.

Credit Fee

A Credit Fee of $8 also applies to every loan. This covers the costs of sending the money to you.


This is how we make our profit. We charge simply $1 per $100 borrowed per day. You if you borrow $400 for 20 days, we charge you $80

Direct Debit Fee

There is a $1.40 fee for every direct debit.

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Other Fees which May Apply

Additional fees ONLY apply if you have problems making your payment. We do not charge any hidden fees.

If you think you are going to have problems making the payment, then CALL US! We will work with you to minimise any costs and help you pay back affordably and quickly.

Our overdue fees are: