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Cash Train is currently unable to offer loans in New Zealand.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

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How to Qualify for a loan
Female Cash Train Worker
  • Essential
  • Aged 18 Years or Above
  • New Zealand Resident
  • Take Home Over $1,300 a Month
  • Income Paid into Bank Account
  • Accepted
  • Paid Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly
  • No Credit History
  • Bad Credit also Considered
Cash Loan
  • Income Under $1,300
  • Don't Live in New Zealand

How to Qualify

Check Out Our Basic Criteria Below to See if You Qualify for a Loan Today

Do you have poor credit history?*

You may still be eligible for a loan. We look at your current circumstances – not what happened 2 years ago. What's important to us is that you can afford to pay us back without difficulty and that you want to pay us back!

What if I'm self employed?

Unfortunately, we won't be able to help. While we understand that you probably take home more than our minimum requirement, we look at guaranteed and regular income which is something often outside of your control. We also need to ensure that our loans are for personal reasons only and cannot be associated with a business.

I meet all the qualifying criteria. Will I definitely get approved?

Although these are the base criteria to qualify, we review each application on its own merits. There may be a number of reasons – each on their own relatively minor – which add up and mean that we feel we cannot responsibly offer our product to you.

Some reasons we may decline a loan offer include:

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Please double check all your details when making your application to ensure the best chance of getting your loan approved.

As long as you are over 18 and earn a steady income you are most likely to qualify for a loan with us. We have set the minimum monthly earnings at $1,300 which means if you earn less than this a month, then a payday loan with Cash Train is not going to help your situation. As we have made the borrowing process as simple and efficient as possible, you will need to hold a bank account which accepts direct debits and you will also need to be paid directly into your account. This is so that your loan can be paid automatically and electronically direct to you via your bank account and also that we can receive the loan repayment automatically when the repayment date is due.