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Cash Train is currently unable to offer loans in New Zealand.

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How it Works

Got a Short Term Cash Emergency? Get Cash Online Through Cash Train

Fast Cash Whatever The Emergency!

With Cash Train, you could borrow between $350 and $1500 when something urgent crops up unexpectedly.

You must have a regular income (over $1,300 a month) to qualify and be able to repay your loan over your next couple of paydays if paid weekly or on your next payday when paid monthly.
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Simple Steps to Getting Your Cash Train Loan

Because we understand you need cash fast, we've put together a process which is convenient, transparent and simple.

Let’s look at each stage in detail:

Check You Qualify

If you are over 18, have a fixed pay of at least $1,300 per month which goes directly into your bank account, and you are a resident of New Zealand, then you are likely to qualify.

For more information on this, check out Do I Qualify?

Apply Online

Apply Now

Our application form is very straightforward and only takes a few minutes to complete. We only ask the minimum of information we need to make a responsible offer – who you are, about your income and outgoings and for your bank details so that we can transfer the funds to you if you're successful.

Instant Decision

Based on the information you provide, we can give you an instant decision on how much we can lend you based on what you asked for and what we think is affordable. We take a responsible approach to lending and so will need to check the information you've provided but as long as you've been up front and as long as we can confirm your details, this is how much we will be able to lend you.

Accept Your Offer

If you're happy with your offer, then you can accept it straightaway by signing your loan contract online. This will form the contract when we've completed all our checks and are happy to complete your loan.

We'll Contact You

You’ll receive an email straightaway and one of our team will call you if any information is needed as soon as possible within business hours.

If you’re a first time customer, we’ll almost certainly need to see a copy of your driving licence or passport and we’ll need to you sign the direct debit form and return it to us too. You can do this by scanning or photographing the entire document and emailing them to us at or faxing them to 09 925 1197.

If you want to speed things up, you can also send us a copy of your last 30 days banking transactions from your online banking. We don’t always need these but if you send them across, our dedicated team can review them immediately. If you don’t send them and we do need them, we will let you know!

We'll Confirm the Information

Once we have all the information we need, our specialised underwriting team will review everything to ensure we’re offering you a loan which is affordable and which will meet your needs. Once they’ve completed that process, they will confirm the final approval.

We'll Electronically Transfer the Funds

Apply Now

Man with Cash LoanEvery 3 hours during the business day we authorise same day transfers from our online banking to all customers who have had final approval. In most cases, you should receive the money shortly afterwards but it can take up to one working day depending on your bank.

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Use Your Cash Train Loan

Whatever the need, it is up to you what you use your loan for. As our loans are meant to help sort out short term emergencies it could be used to cover an unexpectedly large utility, fixing or replacing an old fridge, food, transportation costs to work or even to cover a missed flight. The good things in life are also covered so our loans could be used to help with the costs of anything from birthday parties to wedding gifts as well as extra spending money while on holiday.

You Pay Us Back

It's true – this is a loan after all! We make it simple for you and remove the stress of worrying by taking the agreed amounts on the agreed dates by direct debit.