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Cash Train Has Got The Answers to Your Financial Emergencies

Checking FAQ'sThe questions and answers below go over the most common questions about our service. If you are looking to understand just how it all works, then head over to our How it Works page where we show you how simple it is to get the money you need in a hurry. Although the online application takes most people just a couple of minutes, you might want to check out How to Qualify before you make your Cash Train Application today.

If you still have questions, then send us a quick message using our Contact Us page or call us on 0800 422 337 and we'll try to answer your query as quickly as possible.

Why Cash Train?

If you’re looking for fast cash from the convenience of your own home or office get on board the Cash Train. You can apply online in minutes and then be presented with an instant loan offer - simple!

Here are just a few reasons for choosing Cash Train to meet your short term cash needs:

Why Do People Use Payday Loans?

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Cash Train loans are similar to payday loans, as they are a short term solution for when something unexpected crops up before payday.

Rather than facing mounting debt on your credit card or going over your overdraft facility, a payday loan let's you borrow a few hundred dollars and pay if off quickly. And with Cash Train, it's convenient as everything is done online!

Some of the most popular reasons that people use their payday loans for are:

However, we don't recommend using a Cash Train loan if you need:

Check out our quick guide below for some examples of when you may want to use a Cash Train loan – or when you're better checking out some other options:

Your Situation Needs Get a Cash Train Loan?
$300 for a New Air Conditioner Yes
$300 For Car Repairs Yes
$400 for a Weekend Away Yes
$400 to Pay Off Your Utility Bills Yes
$250 Meal to Celebrate Your Anniversary Yes
$3,000 for a Holiday No
$12,000 to Buy a New Car No

Do I Qualify?

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Then you probably qualify for a short term loan from Cash Train!

We'll verify the information you give us as part of our responsible approach to lending. This means that we'll need to check your income and confirm your ID before we can complete your loan.

Bad Credit?

If you've had credit problems in the past, we may still be able to help you. We're more concerned with how you're doing currently, that you can afford and will repay this loan over your next few paydays.

Check first before you apply:

You Are Can Cash Train Help?
Over 18 Yes
Employed Yes
Earn over $1,300 in a month Yes
Paid Regulary - Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly Yes
Paid Into Your Bank Account Yes
Need a Short Term Cash Loan Yes
Wages Paid in Cash Only Yes
Self Employed Yes
On Benefits Yes

How Much Does it Cost?

You can either use our loan calculator slider or check out our Loan Costs page for more detail but simply put, we charge:

An Establishment Fee of $45 and a Credit Fee of $8 (however much you borrow) and interest of $1 per $100 borrowed per day.

There is a $1.40 fee for every direct debit.

How Do I Get My Loan money and How Fast Is It?

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We pay your loan funds directly into your bank account. During normal New Zealand business hours, we make these payments every 3 hours via online banking.

Depending on your bank, the money should be with you a few hours later, or at least the next business day.

How Do I Repay My Loan?

Good question – it's an important part of the deal! We're all about convenience and making life simpler for you, not only when you borrow but when it's time to pay us back. We'll automatically direct debit your account on the scheduled dates agreed in your contract, meaning one less thing to worry about!

Can I Borrow from You Again?

The simple answer is YES! As long as you make your payments on time and there's no change in your circumstances that means we'd be causing you financial problems by lending to you again (we believe in taking a responsible approach to lending), then there's no problems borrowing from us again. Returning Customers can use an even simpler Members Area to apply.

A few things to note: