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Need some quick cash to mind the gap to payday? Then, catch the Cash Train and enjoy financial peace of mind!

There are many reasons that people all over New Zealand use short term loans from Cash Train to get them from A to B. It may be to cover your bills, pay for some necessary repairs or just to give you some extra spending money to enjoy a special occasion. Whatever your short term financial need, Cash Train can help you.

If you're over 18, with a regular income of over $1,300 per month and a New Zealand resident, you can apply now and get an online decision (subject to verification) within minutes.

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First Stop Money Pty Ltd is a lender, so you'll be dealing directly with us. Cash Train is operated by First Stop Money Pty Ltd, a leading New Zealand online payday loan company, specialising in fast, convenient, short term loans. You can read more About Us

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If you have a need for a relatively small amount of cash (we offer loans up to $1500) and want to pay it off quickly so you don't have the debt hanging around, then read on!

Firstly, check that you qualify: you need to be over 18, take home at least $1,300 per month and be a resident of New Zealand.

All Good? Now you know whether you qualify, complete our simple application form. It only takes a few minutes (depending on how fast you type!) and we'll be able to confirm that you qualify and let you know how much we should be able to lend you immediately based on the information you've provided.

After you have reviewed and you're happy with the offer, you can sign your loan contract online. If you're a first time customer, we'll certainly need you to send in a copy of your driving licence or passport so we can confirm your identity. You'll need to print, sign and send us a copy of your direct debit form too.

Because we take a responsible approach to offering payday loans, we will verify the information you've provided. This may be by confirming your employment or by asking you to send us more information. If you're a first time customer, we'll certainly need you to send in a copy of your driving licence or passport so we can confirm your identity.

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Once we've confirmed your details and everything has checked out, then we'll use our online banking to transfer the money directly to your bank account. We do this every three hours during the business day and, depending on your bank, the money should be with you either shortly after or the next business day.

To make it easy to repay, we simply direct debit your account with the agreed amounts on the agreed dates!

Good Reasons to Choose Cash Train for Your Quick Cash Loan?

When deciding who to use for your short term borrowing needs, you should consider the following:

Are they transparent about their fees?

We are! You can either use the loan calculator slider to see how much your loan will cost in total or check out our page on Loan Costs for more information.

Are they someone you can trust?

This is more difficult because everyone says you can trust them – and in most cases you can. Here are a few facts to back us up:

Can you contact them easily?

You can call us, email us or write to us!

We’re open weekdays during the hours below:

Do they have a dispute resolution process?

All Financial Service Providers are required to be members of an independent dispute resolution scheme – First Stop Money Pty Ltd is a member of the Financial Services Complaints Limited scheme – member number 4607.

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However, we'd rather get it right before it needs external resolution! Our goal is to get it right first time but we're honest enough to know that won't always happen. If you feel we've made a mistake, then please call us to give us a chance to fix the problem. If our dedicated customer care team can't fix it straight away, then we'll implement our internal complaints process to get it resolved for you as quickly as possible.

Learn more about how it works, visit our loan costs or FAQ pages or get yourself back on track and apply online now.

Important Information Summary

A quick summary of key information, so you can make decisions with confidence

As Responsible Lenders, Cash Train feels you should have as much information at your fingertips before making the decision to apply.
With this in mind, here's a quick summary of key information and links to more detail:

Things You May Want To Know Information Summary Further Details
How to get in touch with us Call Us 0800 422 337 Contact Us
Email Us
Write to Us PO Box 22, Seventh Avenue Mail Centre, Tauranga 3140
If we’re regulated Cash Train is a trading name of handyCASH Ltd a registered Financial Services Provider – FSP254425. handyCASH Ltd is also a member of the Financial Complaints Service which can assist in any disputes that we are unable to resolve with you in the first instance. Our FCSL Membership Number is 4607. About Us
If your data is secure Any details you enter on this site or in our application form is fully encrypted using the latest 128 bit SSL security. All data is captured and used according to Privacy Act 1993 and used for the purpose of making a lending decision or offering a more suitable choice of product. Privacy Policy
Application Form
Our responsible approach to lending Our job is to help you with a short term financial solution, not offer you a product which may cause you financial difficulties. We look at your current circumstances, your ability to afford the repayment without hardship before approving your loan Responsible Lending
How much it costs You can use our loan calculator to check out the costs for different amounts but put simply, we charge a $45 establishment fee and an $8 credit fee in addition to 1% interest per day which equals 365.25% per annum Loan Costs
What happens if you have problems making your repayments We understand that people do have unforeseeable problems meeting their repayments. The most important thing to do is to contact us and tell us what the issues are. If you do this, our dedicated repayments team will work with you to help you meet your loan agreement without additional financial stress.
If you do miss a payment, a $35.00 failed payment fee may apply. If you choose to ignore your agreement and refuse to either pay on time or to work with us to resolve the problem, then we have the right to take further action which could include registering a default on your credit file, passing your information to a specialist debt collection agency and/or legal action.
Loan Costs
If you can renew your loan with us A payday loan is a short term solution and not one designed to be regularly renewed. You can renew each loan once but a $10.00 reschedule fee will apply. Once you have repaid the loan off completely and on time, we will normally be able to help you with new loans when you need them. Loan Costs

Financial Health Warning

This website only offers short term loans. Short term loans can be expensive and may not solve your money problems. There may be cheaper borrowing options and/or other assistance available to you. For example, if you are on Government benefits, ask if you can receive an advance from WINZ. To decide if this product is right for you, please review our website carefully.